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  08/17/14 at 06:36am

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  • person: i hate cats
  • me: what the fuck
  08/17/14 at 06:35am
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Elizabeth Taylor in The Girl Who Had Everything (1953)

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Hello tumblr, long time no see.

Having a job where I spend all the time by a computer has made me not intrested in doing the same at home. Thus, my absence.

Having a mini-vacation right now. Loving it. Watching vampire diaries and waiting for the fall to knock on my door with rain, thunders and cold darkness. So sick of this summer.

Until next time…

  08/15/14 at 01:01pm
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I haven’t listened to this yet but i don’t know what to expect

listen to it

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My favourite thing about the fall is when it’s totally dry outside, cloudy is nice, there are no sounds of cars, and then the wind starts to blow a whole lot, and then the leaves rain down like a colourful snow and they blow all around and swirl on the ground, for some reason I have always found that to be so magical

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