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Books had their own special perfume, their own special way to comfort people, in her opinion. She felt that they had souls in a sort of way. Machines didn’t have souls.

from my War Horse fanfiction, Time Knows No Boundaries 

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#prime example of gay marriage destroying America

#wow I think I finally see where the anti-gay people stand #they’re scared their marriage will never live up to Neil and David’s


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what if a follower transferred to your school just to try and get close to you

i would actually do this *creeper alert*

you realize that isn’t quirky or cute this is the kind of stuff horror movies are made of

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If nothing else, one day you can look someone straight in the eyes and say “But I lived through it. And it made me who I am today.”

Iain S. Thomas, I Wrote This For You (via larmoyante)

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