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Ever since I found out on wednesday I got a job I’ve been so incredibly tired, it’s not even funny. The first months of work is going to be hard as hell! But I can finally buy more expensive shoes and clothes that I want <3

  02/08/14 at 05:16am

Demonia platform boots - Help!

Have anyone experienced the demonia platform boots to be bigger in size? I am a EU 39 and I’m not sure if I should pick a size 8 or 9. I believe I ordered a size 9 the last time I ordered demonia boots (Which was about 5 years ago) and they were too big for me, but I’m not sure. Every size chart I look at tells me differently. Some tell me I should pick a size 8, some tells me I should pick a size 9 and some even tell me to pick a size 7! Can anyone help me? Pretty please?

  05/31/12 at 11:26am