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One of my favorite places in this world <3 

  07/22/13 at 04:09pm

Took a nice and long walk today when I realised how green everything is! I love it! <3

  05/19/13 at 01:20pm

Tumblr has been so boring these last couple of days, I need new blogs to follow.

Like or reblog this if your blog is awesome and post any of these cathegories/things:

  • Gothic
  • Portaits of people
  • Victorian
  • Vintage
  • Antique
  • Healthy food/inspiration for working out
  • Books
  • Quotes
  • Nature
  • Black and white
  • Fetish/Bondage
  • Erotica
  • Scary/Creepy things.
  • Any of the following things you can see on my blog

Ok, going to the gym now, BYE!

  04/17/13 at 05:32am

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#fog  #mountain  #nature  
  01/22/13 at 01:02pm
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One more follower and Satan is here.

  12/18/12 at 02:05pm
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I want to check out more blogs!

So, if you post anything within these things, please like or reblog this post and I will check your blog out!

  • Gothic
  • Black and white
  • Nature
  • Dark art
  • Animals doing cute/funny things
  • Victorian
  • Vintage
  • Rococo/Baroque
  • Spiritual
  • Horror
  • Christmas & Fall
  • Baking
  • Books
  • Supernatural (Both the serie and supernatural things in general)
  • Inspirational quotes

I’ll fill the list with more things as I can come up with any!

  12/13/12 at 09:36am
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Yawning owls look so hilarious! Haha! :D

  05/13/12 at 12:04pm
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  12/26/11 at 05:54pm